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Freebase User Guide

The Barmes team want you to have full enjoyment of your “freebase” Unlike any other luggage or storage piece, “freebase” is much more.

Freebase is designed to be used in portrait mode (vertically) for quick and easy access to all 3 compartments. 

Included as part of the package are:

- 3 soft clothes bags - with a small storage pouch - Shuttel Bag - for laptop and work tools. 

- Essentials and Sorted Bags - for organisation.

- A retractable lock - for docking security. 

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Top Compartment

This compartment hinges down and stops at 90 degrees. This allows you to insert or extract items, with quick and easy access.

Sorted and Essentials bags provide mobile organisation.  

On a plane, this compartment allows you lift up and extract or insert items quickly and easily, without removing freebase from the overhead locker.

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Lower Compartment

This compartment hinges down and opens to 90 degrees.

This allows you extract and insert the Shuttel bag for your laptop and work items with quick and easy access. Alternatively a place for personal items eg shoes. 

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Back Compartment

The main compartment at the back of the unit opens in the portrait position. It features a main zipped compartment and 2 small zipped pockets. 


If for any reason the internal fabric bag is required to be accessed by customs, just release the internal velcro and the bag can be removed. 


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Opening and Closing Catches


Each compartment is secured with 2 catches. 

TO OPEN: Press release button and lift the catch

TO CLOSE: Press down on the catch

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Freebase features 2 x TSA approved combination locks. 


Lock and unlock by changing the combination codes left to right. 


The lock is INTERNAL, accessed by opening the top compartment and sliding the lock up and down. 


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Retractable Handle

There are  3 positions.

1/ Low point - which can be used to lift freebase onto an escalator, over a curb or to lift when walking up stairs

2/ Mid point - Depending on your height this allows freebase to be wheeled on an even surface on all four wheels, with a parallel arm

3/ High point - Most commonly used when freebase is being pulled behind on two wheels. This gives enough space between freebase and your heels.

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Shuttel Bag

If you have a weight problem going through security and customs, we suggest you remove your Shuttel Bag with tablet, laptop and any business  folders and place sorted with other personal items in your compendium.

This will reduce weight considerably. These can be replaced once through these areas.

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15 inch laptop?

The Shuttel bag is designed for a 13 inch laptop to sit neatly in the bottom compartment.

If you have a 15 inch laptop, the top fabric shelf can be opened up by releasing the Velcro allowing it to sit vertically. A neoprene sleeve is suggested to protect the laptop.