Rear Compartment

JUNE 19, 2020

The only time the barmes case needs to lie down on its back is when packing the rear compartment. The Rear Compartment stores all your organized clothing and other travel essentials with the supplied packing cubes.

Portrait Position

Discover the Perfect Portrait Experience with Our Innovative Design.

The Rear Compartment

The barmes case comes with 2 packing cubes and a mesh bag, alongside other accessories

Each of the supplied Packing and Mesh Cubes can house 2 days of clothing

- Including shirts, pants, jackets and more.

The cubes are also great for organizing shoes, making it easy to coordinate outfits on-the-go.

The Active Bag is perfect for workout gear, extra shoes, clothes or keeping your dirty items separate on a longer trip.

The flexible interior will allow you to overpack the Rear Compartment if the other two compartments are not too full.

The zippered ripstop back protects your packed items even when the rear compartment is not completely closed.

Packing Cubes and Gym Bag

The 2 included Packing Cubes and Active Gym bag are shown below:

Packing Trips

3 Days of Business Travel - Folded

Casual Gear - Rolled

Combination of Business or Casual Shoes

2 Packing Cubes with Shoes

Horizontal Packing

The case can be laid horizontally to facilitate packing if required: