Our Story

People often ask what sets the barmes case apart from other luggage pieces. Our response, it is much more than just a luggage piece.

Our journey started with the advent of the internet, which revolutionized the integration of commercial and domestic life, offering the flexibility to work from home or the office.
But the real breakthrough however, was the advent of wireless technology, which erased boundaries and allowed the merging of work, leisure, family, entertainment, and travel into what we call “Lifestyle” – accessible anywhere at anytime.
At barmes, we put people and movement at the heart of everything we do. As a lifestyle brand led by design, we are driven by the belief in the power of design to make life better. We cherish freedom of movement, seek improvement through simplicity, and give purpose to every part of our products. Our mission is to cut the ties that bind people while they’re on the go, enabling true mobility and freedom without sacrificing style or function.
The inspiration for the barmes case came from observing the challenges faced by travelers. Countless times, we witnessed people at check-in lines struggling with their bags, their belongings spilling out in a frantic search for passports and travel documents. This observation led us to a pivotal question: What are the right tools to make the journey more seamless, more organized, and less stressful

Our solution was the creation of a unique combination of a mobile office, personal storage, and carry-on case. The barmes case, with its three ingeniously independently locking compartments, offers separation and organization for business, travel, and personal items. Its portrait design, always upright, ensures quick and easy access to all your essentials, all safe and secure, and suitable for carry-on with the world's major airlines.

Designing the barmes case was a journey of relentless innovation. After years of pushing the boundaries of the injection moulding process, with extensive fine-tuning, we crafted a unique lifestyle product that seamlessly combines work and leisure with travel. But the process didn’t end there. We rigorously tested our design with early adopters, ensuring it could withstand the real-world challenges of travel.

Today, we proudly present the barmes case as a testament to our commitment to thoughtful design, functionality, and for todays lifestyle.

We blend commercial and domestic life to address the current challenges faced by business travellers. Empowering people with the right tools, the barmes case ensures your journey is more seamless, allowing you to stay organized, travel lightly, and keep your essentials secure and close at hand, all without compromising your personal style.

Choosing barmes means embracing a lifestyle of freedom of movement, flexibility, and uncompromised style. You’re not just selecting a piece of luggage; you’re equipping yourself with the tools to live, work, and move more seamlessly.

“You’ll love how you get there” - Paul Barmes