Our Story

We put people and movement at the heart of everything we do, offering complete flexibility to live, work and move.

Barmes is New Zealand born, globally raised.
With a design like no other, we created this product with a mobile-office in mind, though quickly realized not only does it keep all of your essentials organized and accessible, it also compliments your travel by making the journey more seamless from check-in to departure. 

We believe in the power of design to make life better. We value freedom of movement, improvement through simplicity, and giving purpose to every part of our products. 

Our Founder, Paul Barmes started his journey in commercial furniture design back in 1985 constantly looking to evolve the idea of cold office furniture into something more timeless yet contemporary. He studied the process’s and habits of people, wanting to create spaces to allow individual and collaborative expression within a company structure, that would help to define their culture.

In the early 2000s with the rise of the internet, Paul expanded on his design ethos. With the integration of commercial and domestic life there was a need for furniture that transcends traditional definition to encourage emotion, passion and creative thought. The home space is now more defined to integrate family, work, media and entertainment. It was when wireless internet empowered people with the ability to operate from almost anywhere at anytime, Paul was inspired to create and design a piece to give people the ability to live work and move with more flexibility.

Whether it be leisure or business travel, meetings in a cafe, or working from the living room couch, there were no longer any boundaries. This is where the idea for Barmes was born.

Our intention was not to serve up just another luggage piece. Other than changes in materials and design aesthetics, there has been little innovation in the luggage industry since the 1980s. Our living style is constantly evolving but in some categories we are not keeping up and providing for this change. Until now.

Barmes is a unique combination of, mobile office, personal storage and carry-on case. Your most important pieces are safe and secure with the ability to separate and organize, business, personal and travel items, all with quick and easy access.

We truly pushed the boundaries of the injection moulding process and after years of fine-tuning, we have created a lifestyle piece that combines luxury and engineering.

We hope you consider Barmes to help you live, work and move more seamlessly in the future.

“You’ll love how you get there” - Paul Barmes

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