Barmes Freebase


Care and maintenance

Q: How do you clean Freebase?

A: To clean, use a damp cloth - use of chemicals is not recommended.


Q: What happens if Freebase gets scuffed?

A: A few minor scratches may occur and will show that freebase is well travelled.

Scuffs will come off with the included magic eraser.



Physical attributes

Q: What is the weight of Freebase?

A: Weight when empty without internal bags - 3.98 kg (8.8lbs)


Q: What weight can Freebase carry?

A: Recommended maximum 10kg load


Q: What is the size of Freebase?

A: 550mmH x 360mmW x 230mmD (21.6 x 14.1 x 9 inch)


Q: What carry on standard does Freebase conform to?

A: Linear dimensions; 114cm lineal (45 inches), which is the maximum carry on case size for most international airlines.


Q: What if I pack over 7kg in my carry on?

A: We recommend you remove the 13-inch laptop bag, which should count as your personal item, freeing up significant weight.

Q: What is Freebase made from?

A: Freebase is manufactured from ABS, a material known for its strength and toughness.




Q: How many locks are there?

A: 2 combination locks (upper and back compartment) and 1 internal locking latch (lower compartment).


Q: Are the locks TSA approved for travel to the USA?

A: Yes


Q: What are the options if I forget my lock code?

A: At the time of purchase, register your lock code on the Barmes Design website.


Q: Can the lining be unzipped if customs require access?

A: The inner internal lining bag is completely removable for customs access if required.



Checking in

Q: Can Freebase be checked in on an airline?

A: Freebase is designed as a carry-on piece, to protect your most important pieces. However, it is tough enough to check in if required, due to its ABS construction.

Use the included cover if required.


Laptop compatibility

Q: What size laptop can fit in the laptop bag?

A: Up to a 13-inch size (maximum size 333mm x 230mm). Typical devices include 13-inch MacBook/Ultrabook, Surface Pro/iPad Pro.


Q: How do larger laptops fit?

A: Laptops up to 17-inch can fit in a vertical position by undoing the internal cover inside the upper compartment. A laptop sleeve is recommended in this case.

This also enables storage of A3 files/folders.



Water resistance

Q: Is Freebase Water-resistant?

A: Freebase is resistant to exposure to light rain for a short period of time.

Internal bags provide further resistance to electronic items.

The internal luggage lining is a Ripstop waterproof fabric.

Use the included cover for further water resistance.




Q: What is the warranty?

A: 3 years, please refer to our Warranty Statement. Follow this link for more details.


Q: Have any quality tests been undertaken?

A: Freebase has been vigorously tested to international luggage standards. All components are easily replaceable.


Q: Where is Freebase manufactured?

A: Freebase is manufactured at a brand new ISO 9001:2008 certified facility, located in Taiwan, which uses German and Japanese machinery. They specialise in luggage manufacturing for global brands.


Q: What are the conditions of the factory workers?

A: Corporate social responsibility is at the forefront of our factory’s operations, including acceptable workers conditions.




Q: What is the impact of the product on the environment and can it be recycled?

A: Freebase has been designed to last many years. Its primary material, ABS is recyclable. All sub components can be easily dissembled.