Upper Front Compartment

The upper compartment allows you to access your travel documents, passport, chargers, other electronics and toiletries using the included

  • Safe and secure, keeping your luggage upright on its wheels, for easy access all whilst on the move. The upper compartment opens flat so you can access all your important pieces in your Sorted case front, and Essentials in behind.

  • The sorted case, comes in fabric and is perfect to keep your passport and travel documents in the sleeves on the top side.

The sorted case has a variety of use cases to store personal items. Store your personal belongings with ease and convenience.

Unzipping the case allows you simple access to a spacious interior used for electronics, chargers, and other personal items. Your personal charger can be used internally or externally.

The essentials bag comes in fabric with a clear front face for customs purposes. Perfect when in transit. It keeps most of what you need in one place safe and secure. It fits in the pouch behind the seat in front, and is at the ready for bathroom stops, in transit entertainment and more. When leaving, you know you have all your important pieces in tact. in one place. Piece of mind.

Toiletries, headphones beauty and travel products, and other essentials you need in travel and in transit, all protected with a zip closure.

To finish packing the Upper Compartment, place the Sorted Case on the tray with the Essentials Bag securely behind it.