Discovering The barmes Range

barmes’ commitment to quality, elegance, and distinction began when Paul Barmes saw an opportunity to improve on the old and stale premillenium luggage designs that dominated the market. With wireless technology advancements set to eliminate some of the boundaries that restrict our movement, barmes saw an opportunity to give even greater freedom to nomadic professionals by designing something that could enhance and support their lifestyles, all while maintaining a distinctive sense of style. His solution was to create a hard-shell travel case that provided unparalleled organizational capabilities, adding security and easy access to key items on the move.

First Editions: 

The travel solution that started it all was the barmes Freebase, which was designed to enhance the mobility of professionals, particularly those who now have the ability to work from almost anywhere at any time. The Freebase, available in either a glossy white or two-tone, can still be purchased through our online store under the First Editions collection. This elegant luggage was the first of its kind, a unique combination of a carry-on case, mobile office, and leisure storage, enabling professionals to operate anywhere, anytime. Paul Barmes says that the Freebase was designed around three driving concepts: live, work, and move ‒ all three of which are embodied in the final product. The Freebase has three compartments for personal (live), business (work), and travel (move) items, including space for clothes, gym gear, shoes, and four separate soft bags for freshness. There’s also a hinged compartment for laptop storage and a removable compendium for important documents, ensuring everything has its place and is easily accessible while the case is standing.

Classic Editions: 

The success of Freebase laid the groundwork for the next generation of travel solutions: the Classic Editions range. These cases come in three matte color palettes: All Black, Cloud White, and Golden Brush. The Cloud White variant is available with or without accessories, while the rest feature fabric accessories for each compartment in midnight-blue. The gold and black versions come with slate grey accessories. The classic range maintains robust interiors with refined material changes.


 There is more to the barmes story ‒ the part that involves you! Discover the revolution in professional travel solutions and enjoy the elegance and style that our travel cases have to offer. Browse our online store now to find out more and join the barmes family.

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