Inside The Design: A Deep Dive Into The Design Philosophy Of Barmes

Inside The Design: A Deep Dive Into The Design Philosophy Of Barmes

At Barmes, we take pride in providing luxury luggage solutions that embody an ageless design philosophy with the goal of empowering our customers to improve their lives. 

We place a high value on ensuring that our customers' freedom of movement is unrestricted and that their ability to travel and live their lives is facilitated by the timeless designs we provide. 

We believe in enhancing modern customers' ability to reap the benefits of having a mobile office. As a result, our designs have evolved into not just beautiful pieces of luggage but true travel essentials.

Now, let us take a look at the design philosophy of Barmes and why our lifestyle luggage solutions are superior and rooted in the brand's origin.

The Barmes Origin

Paul Barmes founded Barmes in the early 2000s after witnessing a stagnation in luggage design since the 1980s. His experience in the luggage industry, as well as his visionary approach to providing luggage solutions, would lead him to innovate in ways that were not just aesthetic but functional.

With technological advancements changing the needs of luggage customers and with the evolution of the working world towards more remote and mobile working environments, Barmes was inspired to create luggage that was more than just a travel piece. 

Rather, he envisioned Barmes luggage as being essential to and representative of a particular way of life.

Technology Redefining Boundaries

From the advent of wireless internet technology in the mid-90s to the unprecedented global pandemic of 2020, Barmes has been at the forefront of ensuring that remote working capability is possible and comfortable. 

The evolution of the working environment over these 30-odd years has empowered the average office worker to be more mobile and remote. However, this has led to a need for multifunctional luggage to enable a nomadic working lifestyle.

This evolution has been one of the driving forces behind the design philosophy of Barmes, where we aim to provide a mobile office that combines personal storage capability with heightened functionality. 

Superior Quality and Aesthetics

The injection moulding process that Barmes uses for its travel solutions allows for a robust luggage piece that ensures your electronics and other important equipment are safe and organised while still allowing for easy access when needed.

In addition to being extremely durable and functional, the luxury design philosophy ensures that our luggage pieces are elegant and aesthetically appealing, remaining at the forefront of travel fashion trends. 

Imagine the possibilities of the future with Barmes’ luxury luggage as a companion by your side. Join the travel revolution that incorporates agile working spaces into travel essentials through timeless design philosophy. Browse our collection now to start your seamless travel experience with our lifestyle luggage.

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