We started Barmes to redefine the way people live, work and move. Work finds a way to reach us even while on vacation, and when we travel for business it’s always nice to have a few days to explore and play. We wanted to create a travel luggage that would be ready for any occasion, keeping your work, personal, and travel items separate and organized. Most importantly, it had to look good while doing it.

Barmes is the first in the world to patent a travel case with three separate hinging compartments. We have patents issued in USA and Australia, with patents pending in other territories.


Each Barmes comes with a set of travel accessories, designed to help you live, work, and move.

• 1 Satchel fitted for a 13” laptop and documents [attachable to luggage handle]
• 1 Sorted travel case for chargers, passports, and other quick-access items
• 1 Essentials bag for toiletries and other travel necessities
• 1 fitness bag for gym gear or shoes
• 3 Cubes to keep fresh and worn items separate

You can bring up to a 13-inch laptop in the bag (max size 333mm x 230mm). Common examples are a 13-inch MacBook, Dell XPS 13, Surface Pro, or iPad Pro.

Tips & Tricks

Great question! Barmes arrives at your doorstep in our recommended configuration, but how you use the luggage and accessories is entirely up to you!

We usually recommend putting the Essentials bag and Sorted travel case in the upper compartment, with the Satchel bag in the lower compartment. The packing cubes help you organize clothing in the rear compartment, and the Active Bag can be used in case there’s anything else to pack like gym gear.

You can always remove the included Satchel bag, which you can bring onto your flight as a personal item. The Satchel also has a sleeve on the back that allows it to be securely stacked on top of your luggage’s extendable handle. This opens up space in the lower compartment for other things like shoes or an additional packing cube.

There’s no right way to do it, but it’s certainly supposed to be easier than luggage with two wheels. Having a lower center of gravity helps, which is why we installed a retractable luggage handle which can be adjusted to 3 different stops depending on your height and how much weight is in the carry-on.

Physical Attributes

3.98 kg / 8.8 lbs when it’s empty.

• H: 550mm x W: 360mm x D: 230mm

• H: 21.6” x W: 14.1” x D: 9”

114 cm / 44.88”, the maximum allowed for carry on with most of the world’s major international airlines.

Barmes exterior is made of ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), a lightweight, durable plastic that can handle everything from a TSA inspection to an accidental drop from the overhead bin. The retractable handle is aluminum so it can keep up with you for years to come.

The interior compartments are lined with suede (newest models only) to give it a luxurious feeling, and the rear compartment bag is composed of Ripstop waterproof fabric.


Yes! Barmes fits within standard carry on allowances so you won't have any issues going through TSA. It also comes equipped with multiple TSA-approved combination locks, allowing agents quick access for an inspection without messing with your stuff. Plus, it means you get through security quicker.

There are 2 TSA combination locks, 1 for the upper compartment and 1 for the rear compartment. There is also 1 internal locking latch for the lower compartment that keeps it from easily opening on the go.

The inner lining bag is completely removable for customs inspections purposes.

Care & Maintenance

Use a damp cloth on the inside compartments. Try to avoid using chemical cleaning products.

Over time, a well-traveled piece of luggage will get a few small scratches, but most scuffs can be removed with the handy magic eraser included with each Barmes purchase. The good news is our colors are injected into the molding of each case, which means they scratch the same color.

While Barmes was designed as an always-by-your-side carry on companion, the durable ABS outer shell and retractable aluminum handle will protect your belongings if you decide to check it. There is also an included cover to minimize scrapes during checked travel.

Yes it is resistant to light rain as long as it's not for a prolonged period of time. The included internal bags provide increased protection for your electronics.


We stand by our products. Commencing from the date of purchase, each Barmes comes with a 1-year comprehensive warranty which protects against any and all product defects or damage that results in inoperability. Travel with peace of mind.

Barmes has gone through rigorous quality testing to international luggage standards. While durable, all components are also easily replaceable in the event that anything should happen.

Our pieces are manufactured at a brand new ISO 9001:2008 certified facility, located in Taiwan, which uses German and Japanese machinery. They specialize in luggage manufacturing for global brands.

All workers at our factory enjoy safe and fair working conditions throughout its operations. Corporate social responsibility is at the forefront of our brand, from assembly to takeoff.


We believe in having a limited effect on the environment while providing high-quality products. Barmes is designed to last for many years and the main material is made of ABS, which is recyclable. All sub-components can easily be disassembled for proper disposal.

All of our products use materials that are sourced as sustainably and humanely as possible.