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Barmes Design undertook a pilot programme of early adopters in New Zealand, Australia, SE Asia, UK and USA. These first adopters are mostly creative and business executives who travel  frequently for business and leisure. The product has now undergone both in house manufacturing testing as well as endured the rigours of road warriors nationally and internationally.

The below features real life images of users as well as "what they are saying". (note: images do not necessarily correlate with the accompanying quotes)

Jenny Finlayson, Real Estate Agent

"We both love to be organised within our business, and with the transition for many to work-from-home arrangements we want to share our @barmesdesign case. A unique product, this is a great tool for optimising the way you live and work".



Yasmine B, Senior Manager Commercial Banking Audit, HSBC Hong Kong

"This is my favourite business travel case. I especially love the two outer openings which are a time-saver at security and a big help in keeping valuables nearby, secure and in one place. Enough space for me to travel one week overseas with 3 pairs of shoes, 5 dresses (expertly packed!), and a bit more. I have the white version. I always get loads of compliments from air stewardesses on my flights when they see it"


Sir Peter Maire, Chairman Invenco, USA

"My case is awesome, a true road warrior. I am off to Europe for four weeks and the Barmes  is all I am taking. I have since bought one for my lead road warrior in America . He is on the road 150 days + a year”



 Mark Hohnen, National Pre Construction Manager, Amicus

"The case is phenomenal, it's the epitome of common sense".

Mark Sarian – Director, Babylon Lifestyle

"The most functional carry-on I’ve ever used. A great piece of New Zealand design".

Jason Parry – Regional Sales Manager, Wilkhahn Asia Pacific (GERMAN OFFICE FURNITURE MANUFACTURER)

“I am using my Barmes on my daily commute – by foot – to the office, which has given my back and shoulders immense relief after having used a backpack prior, and sits beside me containing all I need, always at the ready in our fluid workplace environment. Barmes really comes in to its’ own when travelling, making access to laptop and liquids simple at airport security checks, as well as stowing watch, phone, belt and jewellery items rather than leaving them to chance in the trays. Sturdy and secure, I could not think of travelling and working any other way.”

Nick Scriggins, Managing Director, UCI Furniture

"The business side of the case is just brilliant, so convenient to access without rummaging through the personal side, day 2 I left the case at the hotel and carried the laptop bag only, very clever.“ 


Greig Brebner, Founder and Creator, Blunt Umbellas

“Great design and smart functionality are important in everything I do, and travel is no exception! The Barmes case epitomises this. Time to reprioritise travel checklist….#1 Barmes Case #2 Passport #3 Teddy…”


David Parker, Managing Director, Uplifting Solutions (ERGONOMIC SOLUTIONS)

“The Barmes has become standard kit for me: a very handy utility that keeps me well organised and efficient. It attracts many positive comments from airport staff and other travellers, who view the case with some envy…”

Creative Personalisation

The below image depicts a unit that has been hand decorated by Jamie Booth, Managing Director at Formworks Design. 



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