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Barmes is a New Zealand born, globally raised lifestyle brand led by design. 

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With a design like no other, we created our flagship piece with a mobile office in mind, though quickly realised not only does it keep all of your essentials organised and accessible, it also compliments your travel by making the journey more seamless. 


Recent Events

have seen us make changes to the way we live, work and move. 

We at Barmes believed remote working was part of the future long ago. Along with the uprise of shared workspaces and digital nomads it has made it so we are no longer restricted to one place to get the job done.  

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is a unique combination of mobile office, personal storage and travel case. 

The patented design has three ingenious independently locking compartments, to provide separation and organisation for business, travel and personal items. 

Portrait Design, for quick and easy access, safe and secure, and all in a size suitable for carry-on baggage with the world's major airlines.


with the integration of commercial and domestic life, there is a need for furniture and accessories which transcend traditional boundaries.  

The Office

will be a place of convenience and comradery, rather than accountability. It will be one of the choices for work and will continue to facilitate agile, collaborative and creative outcomes.


The Home

is now more defined. Carefully integrating work, media, family and entertainment, with subtle change. 




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